Determining the right kind of help that you need is important. What do you want to accomplish? What problem are you facing? What relationship are you going to have with the person helping you? These are the first questions you want to answer in order to determine which avenue to take.

Whatever you choose; coaching, consulting, mentoring and counselling lead to your freedom! I’ve spend countless hours and money on receiving coaching, working with consultants and reading hundreds of books. Learning is the key to your growth and getting through any problem you may have. Sometimes you just need a different perspective and some new knowledge. Here are some of the differences to help you determine who you should hire (and I’ve included some areas that I work with clients on in case I can help you)


Coaching is a great way to improve your SELF. How can you become the person you need to be to achieve the life you want, the business you want and the relationships you want. By focusing internally you start to ask the right questions of what you need to do to achieve your dreams. Often times, coaching will help you answer some of the questions that are burning within about yourself. A great coach helps lead you to answers within yourself. Those answers lead you to achieving your dreams if done properly.

Area’s of coaching I love to work with my clients on include:

  • Mindset training

  • Learning strategies in order to grow faster and learn more effectively

  • Relationship struggles due to self sabotage

  • Communication strategies to communicate better with your team, partner, family etc.

  • Struggles with personal self esteem or confidence

  • Facing fears or failure to launch

  • Failing forward

If you’d like a coach who’s on your side, holds you accountable and helps you achieve the goals and dreams you want then book a free initial call here.


Consulting comes when you want to “rent-a-brain” from a subject expert. If you want direct and immediate access to knowledge, expertise and need to solve things fast then consulting is crucial. It’s best to hire a consultant when you need someone to come in, understand the problem or goal you are facing and present solutions to those problems/goals. Consultants will sometimes point you in the right direction or even roll up thier sleeves and dig in. It’s important you discuss what level of engagement you want to have with your consultant.

Area’s of expertise that I love to work with my clients with include:

  • Startups/Starting a business

  • Business pre-launch

  • Business post-launch

  • CEO training

  • Marketing strategies and planning

  • Sales strategies and content/scripting

  • Pivots

  • Growth metrics and scaling your model

If you’d like to see if I can help you on your specific problem/goal then schedule a meeting with me here.

A mentor is someone who is wise and trusted and helps guide you. This is usually a little less formal and is generally done through conversations rather then structured guidance via documents, spreadsheets and implementation of systems. Of course there is no limit to how you structure your sessions with a mentor but mentors should generally be someone who you look up to for guidance. I’ve been privileged to be asked to mentor some founders and CEO’s. Area’s of conversation that I love to discuss with Mentee’s include:

  • General company strategy

  • Dealing with difficult staff

  • Synergies and partnership ideas

  • CEO mentality tricks

  • CEO tools to use to be more effective

  • Personal growth plans and ideas to use

  • Aligning divisions for better collaboration

  • Eliminating/reducing waste of resources

If you’d like to discuss a mentoring relationship please schedule a meeting here.


A counsellor is someone who has received training to diagnose, address and help deal with emotional issues, past trauma’s or dysfunctions. If you have dealt with any of the above in your life and not addressed them then it is advised you work with a counsellor to work through them. Everyone faces trauma in life, some smaller and some larger but it’s important you allow yourself to work through it and make peace with it eventually. Often times working with a counsellor will help to lift the burden of those thoughts and action that they have on your life. If you have extreme negative thoughts, tendencies or actions please seek out the help of a counsellor as soon as possible. There are people here to help you with that and you are not alone.

*Disclaimer: I am not a counsellor so I do not offer any counselling services.

*Note: I have used counsellors in the past myself and it’s been great. Check out if you need counselling services. They are affordable and have a great platform (I am not an affiliate, I’ve just used it before).


Which is right for you?

Coaching: Ask yourself an honest question, “What is standing in the way to my success?” If you are honest with yourself and you feel that YOU might be the one standing in the way of your own success, THAT’S OK! It happens to the best of us but you cannot remain where you stand right now or you’ll regress. A coach is there to transfer a specific set of skills to you usually in order to accomplish a task. Once the coach transfers those skills then you can then utilize those skills and stop working with your coach or engage in a higher level of coaching of that skill, continuously getting better in a variety of skillsets. By engaging in coaching you are opening yourself up to achieve your highest potential personally and if there’s ONE thing you should ALWAYS invest in… it’s yourself. After all no matter what you do in life, you’re the one constant so you might as well always be improving and growing.

Consulting: If you feel that things are going well in some aspects of your work life but there are areas that you sense need to improve then consulting on that specific area is key. Hire experts to help you solve the issues you face currently in each area you are struggling with. Issac Newton has said “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants” which basically means “discover the truth by building on previous discoveries” aka learn from other people’s experience, mistakes and lessons. A consultant should be someone experienced in the area that you face and be able to show previous results in that field. If you feel that you need insight into a specific are then hire a consultant!

Mentoring/Advising: A mentor is like a coach but is more development driven vs performance driven. The mentor should be someone who is unbiased and can offer an outside perspective on you personally and your business. Mentoring is usually longer term where coaching can often be short term/task based if needed.

Counselling: If you feel that there is something “unsettled” or some very strong emotions that you are having trouble dealing with or things about your past that you can’t seem to overcome then perhaps a counsellor is right for you. They can often times help you uncover why you might be feeling that way and lead you on the path to healing and better mental health.